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I enrolled my daughter in kindergarten and within months we saw her grow many folds with her language and math. Thanks to Ms Ruchika for nurturing her skills and transforming her from a shy to a confident child with good interpersonal skills and strong academic foundation. You are ever in her memories, that's the bonding you create with each child. I recommend this place to parents who are looking for good care and wholesome development for their child.
- Jayasree Magesh (October 2015)

My daughter started at Eagan Montessori in December of 2013 and is beginning Kindergarten this fall (2015). She took her kindergarten assessment yesterday and all of the exceptional teaching she has received really shined. She excelled at the reading and writing tasks that she was given. One teacher even commented that she corrected a mistake that she made and that they rarely see that kind of attention to actually reading at her age. I was thrilled and have been amazed myself at how my daughter is progressing in her reading skills, eagerly writing words, and excited about doing math! She has learned sign language, yoga, dance, memorized songs, and made many friends. I cannot say enough about the positive, diverse and warm community of learning that Eagan Montessori has provided for our daughter over the last couple of years. She is more than well prepared for kindergarten. When I saw what they will be working on for the kindergarten year I thought to daughter knows how to do almost all of that already!!! Ms. Kirsten her toddler room teacher was very loved by my daughter and established the solid base of her learning. Ms. Ruchika is really everthing I wanted in a preschool teacher. She is not only a great teacher but is fun and firm at the same time. My daughter has built amazing foundational confidence and joy in learning while at this school and I know she will carry this with her!

I also want to mention that Ms. Ann the director is wonderful. She is very approachable and available to answer questions and address any parental concerns. She was very conscientious about my child's nut allergy as were all the staff at Eagan Montessori.
- Estelle Domingos (September 2015)

I use this daycare center for backup care and have had such a great experience. The staff is amazing (especially Rushika and Kirsten) and my son has always felt comfortable going here. They teach great fundamentals on learning and they also get play time in. They are professional, respectful and great at what they do. I highly recommend taking your child to Eagan Montessori!
- Jennifer Dalton (June 2015)

My son and daughter had been to Eagan Montessori at ages 3 and 2 respectively till they are 5 years. Kindergarten teachers MS Ruchika and Ms Bency guided these kids so well and we are very happy with the feedback we got when our kids went to the public school. Thank you so much to all the teachers at Eagan Montessori for their guidance for all these years and we highly recommend Eagan Montessori to all of our friends.
- Giri Mula (September 2015)

We originally had our son enrolled in Kindercare on Huron Blvd in Minneapolis/St Paul area and absolutely hated it after the first month. My son received no attention and was tossed around like he was a little rag doll. I set up a meeting at Eagan Montessori and met Ms. Ruchika and Ms.Ann for the first time. And from the beginning they promised me that my son would be cared for like they were their own kids. The facility is extremely clean (I have OCD when it comes to clean so when I say it's clean it smells and looks clean!). The teachers are absolutely amazing! Ms. Shirley, Ms Polly, Ms Judy, Ms Kayla, Ms. Elonda, and the new gals they just hired for the infant room that we only had the pleasure of knowing a short time. My son loved them all so much! Now that we have moved to New Mexico I find myself trying to find a facility just like theirs(with no luck!) It's hard to find a facility with the care and compassion that this center has for it's children. Every promise that Ms. Ruchika made was fulfilled and then more! I really want to thank them for staying true to their word and providing the best care for my son. I will be sure to send anyone I know over to you guys! We miss you guys! Hope all is well! The Ward Family!
- Ashley Ward (August 2015)