Google Founders talk Montessori

In an interview with Barbara Walters, ABC news, Google’s Founders spoke about Montessori education: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google owners, met at Stanford. Both men credit their success to their experiences in Montessori school: doing things a little bit different, being self-motivated, as well as questioning what is going on in the world.


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Our son has attended Eagan Montessori Academy North for the last few years. The staff there is fantastic and engaged. They really care about and love the children as their own. We saw much growth and development in our child during his time at the school and we're so grateful for their support and dedication to the children. In our son's opinion, he most liked the monkey bars, doing worksheets, Legos, puzzles, field trips, and of course the teachers!
- Ted Motter

Both of our girls have attended EMA for the last five years. One started when she was nine months old and is soon to head to kindergarten. Can I say amazing? The level of care and genuine love they have for all children is far superior to any other facility we have ever been. The learning level is astounding. Our oldest daughter graduated two years ago and started kindergarten at top of her class with the basic foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic. Summer program is also fun for the girls! It's a home away from home! Going to miss everyone in the fall!
- B Hodges

Our son attended Eagan Montessori for one year prior to kindergarten. He made incredible advances in writing and math. The teachers care for the students and run the classrooms in such a way that the children do well academically and have fun. The location seemed odd to us at first – in a strip mall – but it works very well. The children are always smiling, laughing and having fun.
- Beth Mueller

My son has been going to Eagan Montessori for the last one and a half years and for his age he has shown tremendous growth in his reading and writing skills. We just love the care and the attention that teachers give to each and every child there. Being associated with this school is undoubtedly one of the best decisions we have made for our child.
- Archu Ravi

EMA has laid a solid academic foundation for my children, while loving and caring for them. I was amazed daily what they would come home talking about...the planets, the 50 states song (my mother in law shows this one off to everyone she can), precipitation, condensation, evaporation...addition, subtraction, reading comprehension, the songs, the dancing. They met my kids right where they were at...saw when they needed challenged and kept moving forward not stalling my daughter in particular, at a preschool level...she was doing first and second grade work. I have had several friends comment on how far they are in their reading and writing. The parent committee is exceptional too...they, alongside staff provide several fun parties to celebrate holidays throughout the year. The winter and spring programs are wonderful. And finally conferences...always very informative and thorough in discussing your child's progress. We LOVE this place.
- Mandy Shannon